The Khwaahish Family

Khwaahish firmly believes in : “ संत: स्वयं परहिते निहिताभियोगा:” Great souls are always taking the initiative to do good to others. Khwaahish is a place where one can volunteer/intern as doing good deeds to others will in return bring good fortune to you. We here at Khwaahish are always eager and excited to welcome people as if you want to help others , it is just the perfect place for you.


In Uttarakhand, Khwaahish has launched a volunteering and internship programme that allows people the chance to join our team while also contributing to society. Throughout the duration of your connection, we guarantee a complete experience that includes communication with the beneficiaries. We would adore having you on board because of your time, abilities, knowledge, and—most importantly—your passion for bringing about a constructive change in society. Volunteers can choose from a wide variety of tasks at Khwaahish. A volunteer may select any (One or more) of the options listed below:

Media & Communication

Marketing & research

Management & strategy

Coaching & training

Public relations & Digital works

Administrative Work & Content writing

And many more...

Volunteers today, Heroes forever

Our volunteers rose above seemingly insurmountable challenges to ensure that underserved communities got the support they urgently needed. From organizing online sessions for children to conducting rescue operations and providing shelter to stray animals, they were there to support us all throughout.

Above numbers represent interns and volunteers from the inception of NGO

What our Volunteers/Interns have to say


Payroll Donation: Give a portion of your salary or earnings to the charity.
Utilize sponsorships of grants and projects:  Khwaahish Book Library, Sponsor a Child, and Skill Building Workshop
Kind Donations/Charity/Philanthropy: Provide supplies for Khwaahish projects, such as food, clothing, toys, books, newspapers, waste paper, and computers.
Participation of the Consumer: Place large orders to buy handmade goods, recommend Khwaahish for products being sold at stalls and exhibits.

Volunteers at work