Education is one of the most important things that comes in a person’s life. At an early stage of life, a person Learns many things or acquire knowledge from schools and colleges to earn well for the next stage of life. India is the land of festivities and celebrations. When the entire nation is submerged in the festival season, there are many struggling to make both ends meet.
Taking inspiration from a girl who struggled with others and yet decided to stand different, KHWAAHISH has started with this initiative i.e. Project SAMPOORNA.

Project Sampoorna’s main motive is to make children so passionate about learning so that they can make out a well earning by themselves. Many skillful ideas are being learnt by our children like Mehandi designing, stitching, beautician skills, operating computer etc.

Earning with hard work is many more times respectful and skillful.
Children are training themselves for the sake of respectful living. PROJECT SAMPOORNA aims towards the end of child labour and the beginning of accomplished living.

KHWAAHISH is ready to make them independent