Project SARA – Compassion

Every animal, in our opinion, is worthy of the best. We conduct rescue operations, rescue abandoned animals, and provide stray animals with food and shelter under SARA. Dogs and cows are our primary targets. A monkey, cats, and birds are some of the other animals. These activities are only permitted in the Kashipur area.

In 2017, the SARA project was launched. This project’s major goal is to save lives even while teaching compassion to children. All of Khwaahish’s teammates were concerned about animals, so it was determined to take this action in their favor. Over 600 animals were saved and treated by veterinarians, with more than 200 puppies being adopted by caring locals.

Our Animal Shelter

We are dedicated to care for stray animals and providing them with the love and support they need until they find their forever homes.

Under our project SARA (Stray Animals Rescue and Adoption), we run an Animal Care and Nursing Centre, where we foster injured stray animals, and serve them food, care, and love till they heal.

Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming environment for all animals under our care. We believe that every animal deserves the chance to live a happy and healthy life, and we work tirelessly to make that a reality.

Our shelter provides a variety of services for stray animals, including:

  • Safe and clean shelter: Our animals have access to a safe and clean environment where they can rest and relax.
  • Regular feeding and exercise: We ensure that all animals are well-fed and receive regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy.
  • Medical care: We provide necessary medical care for animals who need it, including vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and treatment for illnesses and injuries.
  • Adoption events: We organize adoption events to help our animals find loving homes.
  • Education: We offer training classes and educational resources to promote responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

At our animal shelter, we work closely with local animal control agencies and other animal shelters to ensure that stray animals are properly taken care of and reunited with their owners whenever possible.


Our Programs

  • K.F.C. 2.0
    Every stomach groans, and some silent ones are unable to communicate; this is where you and I step in, to support these loyal companions. We relaunched K.F.C.2.0 after the huge success of our earlier lockdown program of feeding stray animals. Mr. Akshay Konde (CO), Mr. Alok Uniyal (Assistant Municipality Commissioner), Dr. Mukesh Dumka (Government veteran,) and Ayushi Nagar(Founder) were present at the event. We were able to feed 100-150 dogs per day for two months on this budget.
    During the first month of the lockdown, it was discovered that the stray animals were starving to death. Khwaahish was the one who decided to feed the stray animals. We came up with a good cause and dubbed it #begreatfeedstrays on April 14, 2020. In just ten days, more than 500 stray animals were fed. The general public reacted positively to this initiative and offered more support, and on May 5, 2020, this great cause became a free community kitchen known as Khwaahish Food Center. Daily, we prepared nourishing meals for around 200 stray animals. Dr. Mukesh Dumka, in charge of the veterinary government hospital in Kashipur, oversaw the preparation of the strays’ food. The meals were nutrient-dense, allowing the strays to recover their wounds and avoid malnutrition.


    The goal of this initiative was to provide reflective collars to stray cows and dogs in and around Kashipur so that they might be seen at night and avoid fatal accidents. Reflective tapes on reflective collars make it simpler to locate stray animals on the road at night. These collars function similarly to traffic signals and may be seen by vehicles from afar, assisting them in solving problems and preventing the loss of animals and human lives. This was done with the help of the ‘Udham Singh Nagar Police’. Children and volunteers recently worked on collar reflectors that were put around the animals’ necks to prevent them from being hit by speeding cars at night.


    Why should we deny all of these homeless, abandoned animals the right to be loved and to find companionship in their families and friends, just as we humans do? People are always encouraged to adopt rather than shop when they come to us. We’ve gotten 200+ animal adoptions from the beginning.


    Woolens is not a viable solution for stray animals. They are left to hunt for themselves in the freezing weather. We used cardboard, blankets, and winter coats to build temporary shelters for 250+ stray animals under Panah to protect them from the frigid cold winters. We also made these creatures some clothing to keep them warm throughout the cold winter months. Warmth is important to animals in the cold, just as it is to humans. That’s why they look for laces in our house, garage, or outbuildings to keep warm. We used mats, sack bags, and cargo crates to construct many shelters in various locations to protect animals from the cold. We also urged communities to build shelters in their surrounding areas and outside their homes. We noticed a large number of cats and dogs using those shelters, indicating that the outcomes were fruitful.


    We receive many rescue calls every day concerning stray dogs who have been hit by cars. When a stray dog is lying beneath a vehicle and the driver drives away without inspecting, the majority of these injuries occur. Malnourished Surgery on the Jaws Injury to the spine Such mishaps frequently result in fractures and fractured bones in stray dogs, making their day-to-day lives even more difficult without medical assistance. We have rescued almost 800 animals as part of Project SARA. We seek to provide the unspeakably damaged street animals with a better life.