Project SARA

Project SARA

Project SARA(Stray Animals Rescue & Adoption) – Animal Welfare


We also expanded our wings of KHWAAHISH for the love of animals and have been grateful to have set up a PUPTOWN in Tandabasti where we have rescued around 200 puppies so far and have provided them shelter homes made of waste tyres and materials. We have also extended medical help to sick and injured animals.

Rescuing Dog


Time breaks everyone in its own way. Our Bhoori went through it once. She was paralyzed in a road accident . No one was there to feed her to help her walk. We did crowd funding to buy her a supporter and finally we got one for her. It accepts her, appreciates her unlike out society which has abandoned the strays. We are glad that she will be able to lead a normal life again. Let us thank the humanity which came forward to make this possible.

Sympathy alone doesn’t fill stomach, it needs an action.


Khwaahish Food Centre (KFC)

On 14th April 2020 khwaahish initiated #begreatfeedstrays to feed hungry strays during lockdown. Just in 10 days more than 500 animals got meals. People came forward to support this noble cause, meanwhile the support turned #begreatfeedstray into khwaahish food center(KFC) on 5th May  Khwaahish launched Free Community Kitchen- KHWAAHISH FOOD CENTRE (KFC)  where we prepared nutritious meal for more than 200 strays on daily basis, in supervision of incharge of Veterinary Government Hospital of Kashipur Dr. Mukesh Dumka who advised the team on nutrition rich diet for pets which reached out to every hungry stray in the town.