Project Neev

Building moral and educational fundamentals through a curriculum that is tailor-made for each child is our primary goal.
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Project Arogyam

A healthy mind & sound body are an outcome of a regular nutritious & balanced diet. We try to serve the kids with regular health check-ups, balanced diet & more.
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Project Sara

Under SARA, we rescue injured stray animals, run feeding drives, awareness campaigns, adoption and stand against animal cruelty.
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Project Sampoorna

We believe that learning a skill or vocation should be a part of our mainstream education system, because it lets us explore, our talents and that is what our kids do under Project Sampoorna, EXPLORE!
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Who are We

We are Khwaahish NGO, working in four sectors, namely Health, Education, Skill, and Compassion, since 2017, aiming at uplifting the weaker sections of society through various means and helping the voiceless stray animals. Khwaahish is committed to end the massive violation of people’s fundamental rights, particularly those of children living in India’s slums. We want to empower them with education by applying development strategies that are adapted to the community’s requirements. Individuals from all around India, have been supporting our cause, through various means, which is helping us reach our goal of making the youth sensitive towards social issues as well.


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Freedom comes with responsibility
and a true leader understands it.
Tina was just another kid who did not like
to study but was extra vigilant when it
came to vocational training and related
activities. Apart from this, she had one
more demeanor, as she was a little greedy
and often attempted petty thefts. As a part
of our alternative approach, we loaded her
with responsibility instead of scolding her.
Soon enough, wonders happened, and she
grew to be one of our most talented
macramé artists and a responsible chap as
she understood that freedom comes with
Coal-picker to class topper
No one could ever think that a kid who used to stay covered with coal dust and mud all day long can ace her academics if taught and trained compassionately. Yes, that is exactly how Chanchal’s story looks. Her academic excellence and dedication are proof that every kid is talented, they just need the right mentoring.
She didn’t let her circumstances shape her destiny.
Manju is one of our brightest little kids, who shares her one-room home with a family of 4. Life has been a little harsh on her, as she lost her father to COVID and her family lived for 2 years without any electricity as they didn’t have the money to pay the bill and get the connection. But she didn’t let her circumstances shape her destiny. Nothing could stop her from studying. Even after the situation went north, she aced her academics and has grown to be one of the sincerest children.
Amidst the rampant environment, she glimmers to propel her family
Imagine a kid with a soul full of talent, a sharp mind, and artistic skills. Kumkum is one such child, who was ready to be shaped into a great character but lacked the right environment and opportunities. But now, after years of hard work and dedication, Kumkum is our all-rounder. She is good in academics, an excellent henna and macramé artist, a melodious singer, and a fantastic dancer. You name it, Kumkum owns the skill. A true learner and seeker in all senses! Amidst the rampant environment, she glimmers to propel her family out of poverty and menace.
Break the norms, which are binary
A beautiful mind with a tender soul, who had great potential and was looking for just the right opportunities to showcase his talent and much more. Nitesh was a little different, he liked art, loved to dance, and enjoyed making lovely art pieces out of macramé. But, did nothing, as he was not confident enough to present himself doing something that society says, is a girl’s job to do. WHO GETS TO DECIDE WHO DOES WHAT? We encouraged him to pursue what he loved, and he broke gender norms. Today, he is making fantastic macramé wall hangings and has grown to be confident with his choices as well.
From taking commands from the shop owner to giving commands to a computer!
When we first met Shivam, he was in grade 5 and used to help his father at the shop where he was working. Even when he was enrolled in school, he wasn’t regular and could barely read and write. Pretty soon, when he took his first initial classes with our volunteers, we realized that he has great potential, it was just a push, and the right mentoring, that was missing. Today, he can not only read and write correctly, but he has also started to learn website design with one of our volunteers. From taking commands from the shop owner to giving commands to a computer, Shivam has come a long way.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment refers to the process of enabling women to participate fully in all aspects of life, to have control over their own lives, and

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